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"We make videos that bring real stories to life, allowing them to get noticed. We give viewers something they just couldn’t get from other types of media."

TDF Media is a video storytelling company based out of Washington D.C. and founded by Tom Di Fonzo.

Our experience in the media and our extensive expertise makes us a one-stop-shop for all types of video projects. We can integrate into a team or work independently, depending on the client’s needs.

Tom is a British-born, award-winning video journalist and video production specialist with more than 11 years of experience working for The Wall Street Journal.

He has reported in regions across the world and has lived in London, Hong Kong, and New York. Tom's experience abroad provides access to an expansive network of talent when working on complex video projects.



“An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea.”

Pre-production is an essential part of the video creation process, and a significant amount of time is put aside for this stage to help ensure a smooth production.

It starts with formulating a strategy, then idea generation, before moving into research, and finally booking everything in and setting up the logistics.

We will work with you on all of the pre-production steps and make sure the foundation of the project is tailored to meet your deadlines, your specific goals, and to get the video seen by the right people.

“Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine."

A video without words can still tell a story. Yet almost all the videos we make have a narrative that drives the story. That can be anything from explaining a complex issue, to using other people’s voices to characterize a moment in time. These are all things that need to be reported, written down, edited, and said aloud.

These are all things that need to be reported, written down, edited, and said aloud.

We have extensive experience in the media industry on both the editorial and commercial side, so we know what it takes to report, break down topics, and write video scripts. We can start from a blank canvas, or we can take what you already have and make it stand out.

"Cinema is a matter of what’s in the frame and what’s out."

You don't always need to go out and film to make a good video, but capturing something original, can produce extraordinary results.
We have every angle covered thanks to an extensive network of talented videographers, drone operators and underwater cameramen. From small one-camera productions to multi-camera shoots, interviews with professionals to raw footage in hostile environments.

"Blinking is some way of tabulating - a kind of carriage return, click, or save to disk - that helps the process of 'Okay, now change the subject.'"

Editing sees the story laid bare and carefully worked into a finished production. Whatever the project may entail, the edit is where that story evolves.
Our experience allows us to work with different editing platforms. We can take on projects ranging from a multi-interview, deep-dive feature to a “quick-turn” news package or a snappy one-minute social clip.

"Picture yourself in a living room having a chat with your friends. You would be relaxed and comfortable talking to them, the same applies when public speaking."

Live productions can produce compelling content that reaches audiences immediately.
Whatever your live production needs are, we can guide you through the setup, either on location or at home.

our work

Here you can browse through some of the work we have produced over the years. Ranging from a documentary celebrating the anniversary of the abolition of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, to deeply reported news packages on the world’s biggest stories, to bespoke corporate features.


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